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Chicken biryani for the soul


Fragrant, steaming basmati rice, orange and white with bright green fresh coriander sprinkled on top. The description is enough to get you drooling, excited and ready for lunch (again!).The word ‘biryani’ comes from the Persian word ‘biryan’ which means to be ‘fried before cooking’....Read more

The kebab that travelled far and wide


 Do you seekh kebab?Seldom has there been a word so confusing as ‘kebab’. The word will evoke different meanings  and memories depending on wear one is from - but one thing is common throughout most: kebabs are incredibly delicious.Usually kebabs are meat or chicken based dishes,...Read more

Rolling Roti


There is something very comforting about bread, with all its carb-filled glory. Doughy, warm, delicious - whether on its own or on the side of a meal. Every culture has its own version of bread, tweaked by region, my occasion, by history. In the Indian subcontinent you will find various...Read more

Coriander: underrated, versatile, delicious


Coriander, cilantro, Chinese parsley or dhania. Whatever you call it, it adds a flavour to your cooking that cannot be put into words. It turns an ordinary curry into an exquisite one. It completes a pot of steaming biryani. It is an underrated herb used in much of Indian cooking and is full...Read more

The Tamarind Trail


Tamarind or imli as it is known in Hindi and Urdu, is a tart, fruity and delicious plant indigenous to Africa but used for years in both Indian and African cooking. Arab explorers named this fruit, ‘Tamar-e-Hind\', or the ‘Date of India’ as it was so rife in Indian food and culture. It...Read more

The contentious origins of curry powder


It’s no secret that Indian food is bursting with all sorts of exciting flavours and spices. It feels as though every bite of well-cooked Indian food takes you on a trip down ancient spice routes, with all the vibrant colours, smells and sounds of authentic Indian flavour. Food plays...Read more

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