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Rolling Roti


There is something very comforting about bread, with all its carb-filled glory. Doughy, warm, delicious - whether on its own or on the side of a meal. Every culture has its own version of bread, tweaked by region, my occasion, by history. 

In the Indian subcontinent you will find various forms of flat, often round, bread known as roti. Different meals warrant different types of roti, and different regions have their own traditional variations. 

The reason there are so many different types of roti eaten as a main course is that wheat has traditionally been a staple of the subcontinent region and is grown there in vast quantities. 

In these subcontinental regions you’ll find some dishes such as nihari that calls for a hot naan cooked on a hot flat metal plate known as a tava, and made using yeast, flour and oil. Elsewhere in the subcontinent, there is the paratha. We should note that there are many variants of the paratha, too. It is a flatbread made with oil and cooked in a flat pan, without yeast. The word paratha is derived from Sanskrit and it is a staple that dates back many years. 

It can be made using white or wholewheat flour  - but we at Zabardast make our parathas used brown, wholewheat, healthy flour and is made using very little oil and cooked lightly. This makes it a wholesome and nutritious component to your meal. It is usually eaten either with breakfast or as part of a main meal. 

If you are not in the mood for a paratha, there is the chakki roti flatbread, which is unleavened, wholewheat bread, and contains no oil. It is similar to the chapatti, which is a flat, soft round bread, usually eaten with vegetables or curries. It is consumed in the subcontinent as well as in parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The roti dough - wholewheat flour mixed with water - is flattened out, then made into a round flat shape. It is clapped around between the hands to make it thinner and flatter and it is then cooked on a hot metal plate for just a minute or two. 

Roti is ideal for wraps and is healthy and delicious - and goes with pretty much all of our fillings! We ensure we make it with wholewheat flour and use no fat in making it, pounding the dough with a whole lot of love before cooking it - ensuring maximum flavour and minimum calories!

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